Positive attitude and excellent customer service!

I Just wanted to take a moment to recognize Amy Fuhrer for helping me out!


Early this week we changed over from website ordering to using the Encompass integration.  We placed around 15 orders before I realized that we were not sending notes indication specific instructions.  I sent her a long list of instructions for each file already in process and she happily went through them to ensure we had proper communication going out to the appraiser on each order placed.

She is also very helpful during everyday conversations when small issues arise.  I certainly appreciate her positive attitude and excellent customer service!

K. Wolinski

Goldstar Mortgage Financial Group

A quick KUDOS to the NAN team

I just wanted to send a quick KUDOS to the NAN team for their exceptional service. You guys have done a great job from customer service, turn times, and of course handling the ever so unique requests of 1st Alliance. Thanks again for the team’s hard work. It is much appreciated. We looked forward to working together for years to come!

Have a great day.

J. Verraneault

Thank You!

Very happy loan originators

I wanted to share my thanks to the entire NAN family for their constant commitment to keeping us all very happy loan originators. You’ve always gone above and beyond and I cannot thank you enough for your efforts. Whether it be dealing with a crazy rush request or another phone call asking for a status update, you always greet us with a smile and quick results. You are all simply the best and my number one choice when it comes to choosing an AMC. Thank you and keep up the great work! Congratulations on a successful 10 years and I wish you twice the success over the next 10 and beyond.

Your friend and colleague,

Jim 🙂

You always go out of your way

Good Morning:

I just wanted to throw out a BIG shout out to Logan and yourself:


Your ladies ALWAYS go out of your way to help US Mortgage, and we may not say it enough but we do appreciate all that you do.

Again thank you for all that you do

R. Mattice

She goes above and beyond the call of duty for us

Good Evening Ladies,

I just wanted to say thank you again for the Happy Hour you threw for our office. We really appreciate it.

I also wanted to say Happy 10 Year Anniversary of your business. I had no idea you guys had been in business so long, but I am not surprised. You guys are awesome and it is always a pleasure dealing with everyone on your team. Of course, it is especially nice dealing with Amy. Also known as Amy “The Fuhrer”. She goes above and beyond the call of duty for us and we truly appreciate it.

So congrats again and thank you for doing such an amazing job with our office.

You guys ROCK!!!!!!!

D. Gooding

I always can count on you guys to be quick and efficient

Hi Jen,

Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you guys how much we at NLC and I personally appreciate all the hard work that NAN provides to us daily. I always can count on you guys to be quick and efficient, with any of our requests. Thanks for putting up with me…. Love you guys over there and thanks again for all that you do every day!!!!!! J

This definitely helps build confidence in our partnerships with realtors!

Big kudos to NAN for all the deals I’ve had the last month. Several times agents have commented, “you can appraisals back that fast? We’re used to them taking 2-3 weeks to get back” This definitely helps build confidence in our partnerships with realtors!

Another thing I really appreciate is that I’ve gotten updates on eta’s for desk reviews and even updates that you have talked to the appraiser and it is still looking on track. This peace of mind and update so I know for sure what to expect is a major help, and I appreciate it!

Thank you soooo much! A. Nunnely

Nationwide Appraisal Network is one of the most ethical and customer oriented

“Amy not only works for my favorite Appraisal Management company, she also provides me with excellent customer service, knowledgeable feedback, and educated support. Nationwide Appraisal Network is one of the most ethical and customer oriented Appraisal Management companies out there and the fact that they take such excellent care of their appraisers is an added bonus.”

I just wanted to thank you for getting the rate sheet over to me so quickly. You and your whole office are great to work with. You always make me feel special and provide great service when a special request is made. Thanks for all of your help. You guys are the best!!

S Dekin at NLC

I have felt so confident in what I see

I was introduced to NAN at my prior employer and over a few years had developed a relationship with one of your employees. Amy has been my contact through NAN for roughly 3 years now. I branched out on my own about a year ago and made it a condition of my deal with new bank that NAN could be signed up and I could keep Amy as my contact due to the skills she has shown on how to help with the process. Probably the most major time killer on mortgages are appraisals and the conditions that are put upon them. Without a valued partner helping you with this 3rd party task that the bank cannot be involved in will kill your business. Getting the appraisal back quick is one thing, but understanding the conditions a underwriter wants or a repair that needs to be made is what we look for in a good partner. This is a crucial of what Amy ( and Brittany ) helps us with on a daily basis. The people are the product not the name of the company or how fast the order comes back. I know, day or night if I have a question, or need some help with comps I have a number that will be answered. I have felt so confident in what I see I just sent my first order over to Trio due to relationships I have built with NAN over the years.


You guys are Awesome to work with!!

You guys are Awesome to work with!! You all stay on top of everything so well and keep us posted without us always having to track you down!! Really refreshing to work with some one like you guys!

Thanks so much!!

Tammye Simpson

Mortgage Assurance LLC.