Fee Schedules

Only lend in certain states or offer certain products?  Let us create a custom fee schedule that meets your needs. At Nationwide Appraisal Network, our sophisticated reporting software allows us to plug in your footprint and volume in order to come up with a custom fee schedule that fits your business needs.

Panel Management

Our clients are able to customize their approved appraiser panels in a compliant manner. We manage the custom approved panels on a per appraiser basis, and in accordance with regulatory requirements. We do require there to be a point of contact within your organization that is approved to make decisions regarding the appraiser panel. Regulations require these appraiser panel decisions be made by staff members that are appropriately trained and qualified in the area of real estate appraisals and wholly independent of the loan production staff and process. Ask your client relations representative for information on how to get set up with this feature today!

Report Delivery

With all of the different loan origination software, email addresses, UCDP requirements, and borrowers, customizing the way reports are delivered is almost a must! Nationwide Appraisal Network is directly integrated with the Uniform Collateral Data Portal (UCDP). Ask us how we can become your delivery agent for all .xml files to Fannie and Freddie. Our unique report delivery feature for your borrowers is tracked by IP address and delivers PDF receipts to you at the time of consent and retrieval. We are also directly integrated with many of the top LOSs in the industry. Ask us how we can customize this to fit your business needs today!

Batch Order/Delivery

Many lenders and servicers have a need to order bulk appraisal products at one time. We’ve come up with a simple solution for you. We are also able to deliver batch appraisal reports to the lender or servicer. No more wasting time by entering your requests one at a time manually. Contactnationwide appraisal network today about our batch order/delivery process and find out how we can help

Quality Control

Our approach to quality control combines our in house appraisal experts and the industry’s leading automated review program, RealView™.  This technology helps us to identify exactly where each appraisal stands with regard to its compliance, completeness, and consistency. It screens according to appraisal industry regulations, guidelines and best practices, and can be configured  to address an unlimited number of unique appraisal review rule sets. That means we can assure 100% compliance with virtually any issue that’s important to any of our lender clients.

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We have partnered with the industry’s leading technology players in order to provide a comprehensive approach to managing our lender client’s appraisal requests. Through integrations we are able to seamlessly push and pull information back and forth in a compliant and error free manner. The efficiencies these integrations create save our lender /clients time and money and ensure excellent customer satisfaction through communication audit trailing and notifications. Check out our current list of integration partners here