Have you heard about our 10-Day Appraiser Payment Program?

This program rewards appraisers nationwide for excellent performance and top quality reports.

Benefits of being in the program

  • Better performance means more orders for you.
  • You become the top appraiser in your market – first right of refusal!
  • Goodbye paper checks, hello direct deposit!

Your promise to NAN

  • All eligible orders MUST be accepted without condition.
  • Appraiser MUST schedule the inspection within 24 hours of accepting the order.
  • Final appraisal report MUST be delivered ON TIME, no exceptions.

Do You Know How Well You’re Performing?

Our advanced data and analytics allow us to view real-time performance stats for thousands of Appraisers across the country allowing NAN to remove subjectivity from the appraiser selection process. Realtime KPIs provide us with the Appraiser’s average turn times, due date met percentages, UW revision percentages, CU Scores, turn times on revisions and so much more. All of these data points are rolled up into an algorithm that dynamically scores the appraiser. We are always seeking the highest scoring appraisers to partner with on each assignment.

Get Your Scorecard Now

Appraiser Spotlight

Want to see your face here? At NAN, our Appraisers are our partners. When our appraiser partners go above and beyond for our clients and their customers, that deserves recognition!

How does it work?

  • We send customer service surveys to borrowers and realtors as soon as the inspection is complete.
  • They have 24 hours to fill out the survey and submit their responses.
  • We take those responses and compare them to the appraisers NAN Score
  • Highest performer is NAN’s Appraiser of the Month

What kinds of questions do we ask on the survey?

  • Did the Appraiser arrive on time?
  • Was the Appraiser courteous and professional?
  • Was the Appraiser dressed professionally?
  • Did the Appraiser show proper ID?

Appraiser of the Month - August

Stephen Franken

Congratulations, you are NAN's Appraiser of the Month! We have received excellent feedback from borrowers/realtors and you are consistently delivering your appraisal reports to NAN on time. Stephen is a true example of the service that NAN provides and we are so lucky to have him as an appraisal partner.

Stephen always puts NAN's business at the top of his list. He is always going above and beyond to stay accountable and is consistently performing at the highest level. What more could you ask for? Our Appraisal Success Managers all consider him a NANtastic partner to work with. Stephen's favorite part of his job is his schedule and being able to spend his days out in the field and at home.

There's a reason we say, "We work with the best" and that is a true testament to that. Great job, Stephen! We work with the best, and the best is you. Thank you for a long-lasting partnership NAN (and our clients) can depend on!


Refer An Appraiser, Get Rewarded

At NAN, we know we work with the best and we would like to reward you. If you know an appraiser in the markets listed on our coverage map that would be an asset to our panel, please fill out the form below. We will reward you with an Amazon Gift Card for your referral. Thank you for all that you do at NAN!

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