NAN’s State Registrations

Our commitment to compliance extends to every facet of our business. We understand the importance of ensuring this commitment through state registrations. Our appraisers rely on NAN to be active and current in the states that they work in and to follow all of the necessary protocols to remain so in order to ensure the steady flow of business.

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6 reasons to pick a Truly Nationwide AMC


Reduce your Risk

Going with a national Appraisal Management Company means no outsourcing. We are registered to handle your appraisal requests in every state. Why take the chance with your business?

Save Time and Money

By choosing to use a national Appraisal Management Company to handle your appraisal business, you reduce your costs and time associated with due diligence. Due diligence and third party oversight and management takes a lot of work and having to manage multiple smaller AMCs can be expensive. Having a truly national appraisal management company as your vendor is the right choice!

Comply with State Requirements

National appraisal management companies understand the specific state requirements for appraiser selection, customary & reasonable fees, appraisal reviews, reporting and so on. You can rest assured that every file in every state is handled within the regulatory requirements of that state. As a national appraisal management company, we have gone through the proper steps to learn and implement the requirements into our daily business practices. Check out our state registration certificate numbers on our interactive map.

Easy Order Placement/Integration

As a truly national Appraisal Management Company working with lenders of all sizes throughout the United States, we have invested the time and resources needed to integrate with the top loan origination systems and management platforms. We want to make the process simple for our lender/clients. If you don’t see your platform on our list of integration partners, rest assured that we have the resources available to make it happen. We understand that integrations reduces costs and eliminates errors. Get in touch with us today about how we can begin the integration process

Better Quality Control

Many national AMCs have been around for quite some time and have developed a national footprint of appraisers who have a good understanding of lender requirements for quality control. Quality control often starts with selecting the best appraiser for the job. With a national AMC you can be sure that there is a quality appraiser available in the areas where you need them most.

Bigger is Actually Better

National Appraisal Management Companies have to spend a lot of time and resources to maintain their national coverage status. Often times this means that they are more financially sound, have better insurance coverage, a larger appraiser panel to handle your requests everywhere, and more man power to scale as your business grows.